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Tanique Essentials Mitt

Tanique Essentials Mitt


Say goodbye to your washcloth and loofah!  Tanique's Essential Mitt is your MUST have for healthy, total body, skin care.  All natural fibers work to increase the effectiveness of body washes, scrubs, and treatments with half the product from the thin, specially woven material.  

Efficiently removing dead skin and imurities, the Essental Mitt's deep exfoliation speeds up cell regeneration, revealing brighter, softer, toned and younger looking skin.

Made of Hemp, Bamboo and Rayon, the Essentials Mitt is natural and antibacterial making it ideal for drying in the shower after use.

The material is very manipulative and easy to use on every area of the body, making it perfect for everyone!

Who would benefit from Tanique's Essential Mitt?

Body Waxers

Sunless Tanners

Anyone prone to ingrown hairs

Anyone who wants healthy skin

Anyone who wants tighter, firmer skin

Anyone who wants brighter and younger skin


Peta Approved, Eco-Friendly and Machine Washable

  • Return Policy

    Due to the Covid-19 virus no returns are allowed at this time.

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