Christina Fluoroxygen+C Alpha C Night Cream 1 fl. oz (30 ml)


The powerful skin-bleaching and rejuvenating Alpha C Night Cream fights signs of ageing and pigmentation. Infused with active ingredients that stimulate blood flow and cell oxygenation, the cream boosts the formation of collagen and elastin, leaving the skin elastic and youthfully radiant.

FluorOxygen+C is a comprehensive multidirectional treatment for skin discoloration and photo damage.

FluorOxygen+C products help to reverse the signs of hyperpigmentation and discoloration, sun damage and photo-aging on the face, neck and chest. FlourOxygen+C not only lightens the visible epidermal layers, works deep within the dermis to help to regulate melanin production and evens skin tone, it also provides advanced anti-aging effects.


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